Couples Therapy


When the gentleness between you hardens. And you fall out of your belonging with each other. May the depths you have reached hold you still.” ~ John O’Donohue 

Relationship counseling

All relationships go through difficult times. When its happening to us, it can leave us feeling overwhelmingly alone, frightened, angry or even numb.

Maybe you feel shut out by your partner and desperately want and fight for connection, or maybe you withdraw in the hope of reducing the pain. Sometimes we get stuck in a destructive cycle of attacking and defending our positions, and get nowhere.

The skills you need to get your relationship back on track don’t always come naturally. Sometimes we need a little help. I specialize in couples and marriage counseling that teaches life-changing relationship skills that will help you to learn how to stop fights from escalating, and to recognize and change the underlying patterns that keep you from feeling truly connected.

Skills and techniques

  • How to increase positive exchanges over negative ones
  • How to self-soothe and self-regulate heightened states of anger or withdrawal
  • How to prevent a downward spiral
  • Fair fighting strategies
  • How to ask for what you want in a way that encourages your partner to want to respond
  • How to co-create solutions

Premarital therapy

New couples can learn the skills to sustain a creative, reparative and loving relationship from the beginning.

Help to articulate and understand your thoughts and feelings on key topics including:

  • Religion
  • Child rearing
  • Financial management
  • Wedding planning
  • Relationships with in-laws and extended family

Other services for couples

  • Find support during life transitions, such as marriage or parenthood
  • Create an amicable separation   
  • Co-parent or blend families


Working with me

Give me a call and together we will create a space that feels comfortable enough for you both to give a voice to your needs and longings, and be truly heard, seen, felt and known by each other.